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The course of instruction covers 33 lessons, one per week, over the course of 9 months. Twenty nine lessons will consist of 30 minute private lessons and four lessons will consist of one hour group lessons.

Please understand that when you register for lessons, that you are agreeing to a full term of piano lessons from August through May. If an exception to this policy is necessary, a one month notice is requested.

Summer lessons are offered in June and July. Students who wish to study during the school year are required to attend a minimum of four lessons in the summer to retain their place in the school year schedule.


All dates are subject to change.


2023-2024 School Year

Oct. 21-22      NMTA State Music Festival at UNK

   Dec. 14          Batten Piano Studio Christmas Recital

       Jan. 20          OMTA Fun Fair at UNO

       Feb. 23          OMTA Young Artists Competition

       April 20         OMTA Trophy Festival

       May 4             NMTA District Music Festival at UNO

       TBD                Summer Lessons


The studio is closed from mid July though August, 2024.



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