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              2023-2024 Piano Studio Policy

Calendar: The course of instruction covers 33 lessons, one per week over the course of nine
months. Twenty-nine lessons will consist of 30 or 45 minute private lessons and four lessons will
consist of one hour group lessons. Please understand that when you register for lessons, that you
are agreeing to a full term of piano lessons from August through May. If an exception to this
policy is necessary, a one month notice is requested. Summer lessons are offered in June and
July. Students who wish to study during the school year are required to attend a minimum of four
thirty minute lessons in the summer to retain their place in the school year schedule. The piano
studio will be closed from July 24, 2024, through August 25, 2024.

Tuition: Tuition is figured as a total school year term rate of $945.00 or $105.00 per month for
30 minute lessons, and $1350.00 or $150.00 per month for 45 minute lessons, due September
through May. Each monthly payment represents 1/9 of the total school year term tuition. Some
calendar months will have more lessons than others. Monthly payments will stay the same,
regardless of the number of lessons in a calendar month. Tuition is due at the first piano lesson of
each month. A $20.00 late fee will apply if payment for tuition is not paid by the 10th day of each
month. Please make checks payable to Lisa Batten.

Studio Fee: A studio fee of $40.00 per student or $75.00 per family is required of each family to
help incur expenses of the printing, postage, supplies, and recital fees for the 2024-2025 school


  • March 27 through April 02- Easter Recess 2024

  • November 26 through 30 - Thanksgiving Recess

  • December 19 through January 05 - Christmas Recess

  • March 15 through 21 – MTNA Conference

  • April 16 through 22 - Easter Recess


Lesson Exchanging: There are no guaranteed make up lessons and there are no credits given
for missed lessons due to illness, inclement weather and vacations. Your place has been reserved
in my teaching schedule. Please try to schedule activities around your lesson day and time. Please
refer to the piano studio roster if you would like to trade a lesson with another student and please
be sure to allow a respectful amount of time in advanced.

Sick Child Policy: Under no circumstances may a parent bring a sick child to their scheduled
piano lesson. If your child has had a fever within the past 24 hours prior to their lesson or is ill,
please notify me and I will do my best to reschedule their lesson. If a child becomes ill during
their piano lesson, the parent must pick up their child ASAP.

Supplies: I will provide each student with a spiral notebook and a folder. Students who are in
Lesson Book 2 and above should have a metronome. Metronomes are available at most music
stores for around $35.00. I do recommend digital metronomes.

The Student: The student should realize that daily practice is essential. Beginners may practice

for 10-15 minutes daily, and more advanced may practice for 45 minutes daily. It is best to set

aside a regular practice time and follow the same schedule daily if possible. Students are expected to
cover every step of the weekly assignments that are written down in their assignment notebooks.
This is critical for musical growth and progress. Please read your assignment page daily before
you practice. Also, it is the student’s responsibility to bring all of their music and their assignment
notebook with them to each lesson. Studying piano will have more influence on your life than
you may ever realize.

The Parent: Parental support is a must for the child’s musical growth and progress. Please
make sure that the student has a good quality piano that is kept in tune to practice on. Younger
students may need your help with their practicing. Please have your son or daughter to the piano
studio on time for their lesson and also pick them up at the conclusion of each lesson on time.
We cannot make up for lost time as my schedule is full. Parents are welcome to attend lessons.
Brothers, sisters, and younger visitors tend to distract the student and so I request that they not be
present during lessons. Please park your vehicles on the far south driveway or on Vane St.

The Teacher: I am available to discuss lessons and progress with parents during the week,
Monday through Thursday, between 9:00-11:00 AM. Each student is an individual with different
needs and goals. I will continue to further my teaching skills by remaining active in the
professional music teacher organizations: Omaha Music Teachers Association - Past President,
twice; Slated- Omaha Music Teachers Association Vice-President; Nebraska Music Teachers
Association; Music Teachers National Association. I obtained a BA degree in Piano Performance
from UNO in 1984. I am honored to have received my National Certification from MTNA in
2021 and I will continue to further my pedagogy skills by attending MTNA National
Conferences, NMTA Conferences and OMTA Teacher workshops. I am honored to have received
the Award for Outstanding Service 2016 by the Nebraska Music Teachers Association.

Performance: Music is meant to be shared. There are several performance opportunities offered
to students throughout the year and details will be given at the appropriate times. The Christmas
Recital will be on Sat., Dec. 14, 7:00 PM
, St. Paul United Methodist Church. All students are
invited to perform and are required to stay for the duration of the entire recital. Auditions set
goals, give feedback, and motivate students. I encourage all students to play for school, church,
family, friends, etc. Please try to listen often, in a non-critical manner. Group lessons offer
performances of students to share with one another in an informal setting. The tentative group
lesson dates are as follows: October 14-15; December 16-17; February 24-25; May 12-13, tentatively.

These dates are subject to change.
I chose to become a piano teacher for many reasons, the most significant one being to touch
young lives and not so young lives with music. I want to share my knowledge and love for music.
I look forward to working with you, and your son or daughter. We are in this venture together as
student, parent, and teacher. I pledge to do my best to make music study a rich and growing
experience for all of my students.

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